Matt Gold Metal Planter on Legs - Small

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This Matt Gold Metal Planter is a sight to behold!

Its distinctively shiny finish gives it a unique pop, perfect for turning your home into an eye-catching work of art.

The brass colour is the perfect backdrop for green foliage, so you can create a stunning combination in any part of your home.

And its petite size makes it an ideal choice for smaller plants and succulents.

But this planter isn't just great as a stand-alone piece - its medium-sized companion helps create a dynamic duo that will undoubtedly take centre stage!

Combining both pieces can bring your indoor oasis to life with even more of a wow factor. So why not welcome the two together into your humble abode?

They'll surely be worth their weight in gold!

Product Details:

Colour: Matt Gold
Dimensions: L9 x W10 x H9 cm
Material: Iron
Product Care: Hand wash in warm water (pot only)
Brand: Sass & Belle

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