Reed Diffuser – Mantra


*Bergamot, Lavender & Geranium*

A scent for all occasions and every room in the house, Mantra is inviting, comforting and loved by all, making it the perfect scent for a gift!

Bergamot and lemon leaf are warmed with spices, eucalyptus, subtle lavender and geranium. A rich yet fresh scent that has base notes full with red cedar, massoia wood, amber, frankincense and musks.

Each diffuser is handmade in Cheshire, with a completely natural and non toxic base oil that is eco-friendly, has a low carbon footprint and is made from a renewable source. It is 100% chemical and alcohol free. 

Mantra comes in a large 165ml clear glass base with black rattan reeds and a metallic cap.

Product care: Shake well, remove the stopper, replace the cap and place the rattan reeds inside the jar. After 24 hours, flip the reeds upside down. Continue to flip the reeds whenever you require a scent boost! The diffuser will last approximately 3 months.

Brand: House of Scent

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