Signature Candle – Amour


*Amber, Pomegranate & Rose*

Love is in the air with our Signature Candle – Amour!

Handcrafted locally in Mobberley, this luxurious and therapeutic scent is designed to turn any space into a romantic refuge perfect for a candlelight dinner or a cosy night at home.

Amour’s heavenly combination of pomegranate, dark amber and rose is perfectly balanced by deep musky cedar, sandalwood and patchouli.

The mixture of essential oils will fill your space with an uplifting aroma while the natural soy wax emits no harmful carcinogens, making the candle safe and eco-friendly.

Let your worries drift away and be enveloped by our Signature Candle Collection – Amour.

This captivating scent is sure to set the mood with its delightful warm tones, evoking moments of peace and joy that both you and your special someone can appreciate.

Don’t worry about getting through too quickly, as each 30 cl / 220 g candle has a remarkably long 45+ hour burn time!

Product Care: Do not leave lit candles unattended.

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