Signature Candle – Boujee


*Velvet Peony, Rose & Oud*

Introducing Boujee from our Signature Candle Collection!

This locally-made candle is your go-to scent for special occasions and nights in.

With natural soy wax and a blend of organic essential oils, you don’t need to worry about the environmental impact that comes with other scented candles

Boujee was created for those wanting to add a mesmerizing air of cosiness and intimacy to their home.

The combination of blushing peony, agarwood, and amblewood will create a warm, inviting atmosphere– just like what you’d experience at a candle-lit dinner with friends or on a romantic date night in

Our Signature Candle Collection is eco-friendly and uses natural wax, natural cotton wick, and 100% pure organic essential oils that offer maximum scent and the greatest therapeutic benefit.

Boujee will give you over 45 hours of burn time - so you can feel good knowing you are buying something that will last - all whilst enjoying the beautiful scent of this blooming bouque.

Size: 30 cl / 220 g

Product Care: Do not leave lit candles unattended

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