Indoor plants offer more than just making rooms look pretty. Houseplants offer some amazing benefits with studies identifying that adding a selection of plants to our home and work environments can have a great positive effect on health, wellbeing & overall mood.

The pandemic and its result of spending more time at home have increased the popularity of house plants over the past 18 months. The availability of plant varieties, and along with them the attractive pots and planters on the market, has soared with shapes and sizes to suit all budgets and spaces. As a result of this the choice can be a little daunting, especially for those that are beginners when it comes to seeking an indoor plant sanctuary.

As houseplant lovers ourselves, and with a number of years experience under our belts, we hope that in this post we can give some pointers that will help you create your own urban jungle either at home, in your workspace or both. Low-maintenance, un-killable house plants are perfect for beginners and there are lots of different options available to choose from, any of which would work well in the lovely planters and plant pots that we stock! 


Cacti have long been the popular ‘go to’ low-maintenance, un-killable indoor plants and along with this their interesting shapes make a fun addition to your urban jungle. There are a wide variety of cacti available and due to their drought tolerance, none of them need much attention! All they ask for is a warm, dry and bright environment with small amounts of water every so often to grow. Update your cacti styling by popping them in one of our striking Matt Gold Metal Planter on Legs. The smooth contours of the pot will contrast beautifully with the structure and colour of the cacti you are displaying. Available in 2 sizes, the medium and small Gold Metal Planters on Legs look particularly effective grouped together either in your home office or on a shelf in your living area to add texture – a happy cactus may even surprise you with vibrant blooms!

Devil’s Ivy

Trailing indoor plants such as ‘Devils Ivy’, one of the many easy care Pothos varieties of plants, work best in hanging planters where their leaves can cascade downwards. Pothos are one of the easiest indoor plants to grow and particularly like it with bright indirect light in a bathroom or kitchen where humidity is higher, similar to its native tropical habitat. The Grooved Hanging Planter from Sass & Belle is the perfect hanging planter for a Pothos.  Available in 3 versatile, neutral colour ways, it is hung with natural yarn string that can be adjusted in length to suit.

Snake Plant (Mother-In-Laws Tounge)

Snake plants, such as Sansevieria Laurentil, are sculptural succulents that need very little watering to keep them in perfect condition. Their tropical look and super low maintenance make them extremely popular houseplants for the novice. In addition to its stylish looks, the plant also offers a range of health benefits that include removing air pollutants and reducing stress levels. A plant like this commands centre stage in a statement planter! The gold finish of the Polished Metal Planter on a Stand is a striking back drop against the green/gold foliage making an eye-catching combination. Perfect for housing plants around the home, this planter would look amazing in any room. 

We hope that this introduction into indoor plants has inspired you to start creating your very own urban Jungle? With studies showing that in addition to houseplants improving air quality they are helping reduce stress levels, boost attention, concentration and our productivity, it is clear that the power of plants in our home will do wonders for our wellbeing!

Love Anna & Jess x

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