Why wellbeing candles really do work!

Here at Tatton Home, we're big believers in the power of wellbeing candles!

It can be challenging to switch off from the stresses and rigours of modern life or find the motivation to finish that project on a tight deadline.

Our brains are often bombarded with information. Whether that's via smartphones, computers, or even in our day-to-day relationships!

But, with a simple flick of lighter or match, you can be whisked away to a picture postcard destination of tranquillity and calm from the aromas, scents and smells of wellbeing candles!

Our latest Tatton Home blog will show you our range of wellbeing candles made locally in Mobberley by the House of Scent and why when you use them to alleviate your mood or focus on a task, they really do work!

What type of wellbeing candles are available?

Our House of Scent Wellbeing Candles range features the following aromatherapy candles:

Focus Candle

This eco-friendly candle is made from 100% pure organic essential oils. A unique blend of rosemary, eucalyptus, orange, peppermint, lime and petitgrain cleanses the mind, helping you to hone in on your current task.

Designed with focus and clarity in mind, the Focus Candle would make a perfect gift for a colleague or family member with a home office space for WFH needs – giving them an extra boost of brain power when they need it most!

The natural wellbeing properties of this candle's scents and smells also help to reduce stress and anxiety whilst cleansing the air in your home with its antibacterial properties.

Happy Candle

Energise your soul, lift your mood and bring those happy vibes into your home with the Happy Candle!

The vibrancy of cedarwood, lemon, orange, mimosa absolute, galbanum, neroli and ylang ylang will instantly fill you with a sense of contentment. Allowing you to open your nose to the joys of life!

Each essential oil has its own unique wellbeing properties. Cedarwood and ylang ylang are perfect partners, promoting a feeling of grounding. Neroli compliments this with its anti-anxiety properties.

Mimosa, a radiant yellow flower, when in full bloom, provokes feelings of long summer days and longer summer nights!

With a burn time of 34-45 hours, the Happy Candle would make an excellent all-year-round gift.

Morning Candle

Wanting to wake up feeling fresh and ready to face the day, whatever it may bring?

The Morning Candle is just what you need!

With a crisp, clean scent and aromas of juniper, bergamot, lemon and lime, you are guaranteed to start your day on a fresh, clean footing by lighting this candle first thing in the morning.

The citrus elements of the Morning Candle also have purifying properties, eliminating unwanted odours.

Night Candle

Ready to relax in the bath? Desperate for a night of uninterrupted, restful sleep?

The Night Candle is precisely what you need!

This candle has been crafted with calm and serenity for the ultimate sense of nocturnal calm.

Scents of chamomile, clary sage, lavender and geranium will help you drift off into the land of nod or sink you deeper into relaxation during your candle-lit bath.

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